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Agata Emma Szymańska

I'm a clinical dietician, graduated from the Medical Univeristy n Gdańsk.

I want to show you that plantbased food can not only be healthy but also delicious, easy and beautiful.

I am qualified to treat and consult with all kinds of diseases that proper nutrition either plays a role in their development or can help with the treatment. Subjects closest to me which I specialise in are:

-plantbased diets

-nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

-psychology of eating

-eating disorders

Treating for example:


-metabolic syndrome


-insuline resistance


-diet assistance in infertility


I've been eating plantbased for more than four years now and vegetarian for more than six. I want to show that it's not restrictive at all. It's really easy, abundant and delisious.


Subject really close to me is developing healthy relationship with food. The proces too develop good habits around food starts durting pregancy and carries out during childhood. Of course we can change them later but that usually takes some practice, and that's what I am here for to help you with that.

I believe that we think about food, our emotional relationship with it is one of the most important. When you change that what you eat exactly won't matter that much. That's why it's always a part of the proces when I work with clients.

If you want to book a consultation contact me!

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