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My benefits from being plantbased


My skin. I didn't have severe scar-leaving acne but since a teenager I always had at least few red spots all over my face. One would heal soanother would appear. No matter what I've put on my face nothing really worked. But when I stopped eating dairy all together my skin got so so much better. I didn't have any big red spots anymore. I was so happy about it. As I went on eating only vegan food it would stay good, so I thought 'now on I'm going to have great skin'. But it turned out being vegan wasn't enough. When I would eat too much proccesed junk food, even 100% vegan, my skin would react and create loads of pimples. So then, apart from every other reason out of hundred for eating healthy, I had a reason that was personal, and results were right away-I knew that by eating mostly unproccesed plant foods I would maintain good skin. And to be honest apart from animal cruelty that goes into producing animal products that is the second strongest reason for me to stay vegan and plantbased.

I'm not saying that going vegan or plantbased diet will cure all skin conditions  for everyone,

but I know that it worked for me and many many others, so there can only come good from it.


The thing that most peaple notice on a plantbased diet is improved digestion. I noticed it right away when I stoped eating meat. I remember always feeling slugish after a meal with meat,even after few hours I always felt like all that food was still in my stomach barely digested. Back than I used to run and it really annoyed me. When I went vegetarian I felt really big diffrence in that. And apart from ethical part it was main diffence I noticed from stopping eating meat. Than after transitiong into vegan plantbased diet was the time I experience the most changes. In terms of digestion anything I eat now, maybe apart from very oily dishes, is digested so much better. I don't feel slughish or too full after eating, my stomach doesn't ache. I would feel like that especially after eating cheese, see pizza. Every time I had pizza even if it was super tasty while eating it, I always had stomach ache and not feel the greatest afterwords. Now that I eat pizza without cheese (yes, it's still pizza, still tasty) I don't get that anymore. I don't want to lay down and fall asleep like I used to. Not only after eating cheesefree pizza but generally all plantbased meals leave me fealing satiated enough but still light to be able to go on with my day, instead of falling into food coma. 

I rarely get sick 

When I was a kid I used to get sick every month or two, each time spending a week in bed instead of school. And as far as I was in primary school I didn't really mind. Staying at home, reading books and watching films and not being around dozens of people was actully what I peferred anyway, maybe only without feeling sick part. Apart from getting the acual flu I was constantly blowing my nose. At school I was the one who always had tissues. But when I started to eat healthy, not nesquik and milk for every breakfast and dinner,  I really felt the difference. Now even when every one is sick around me, even at the same house, I'm usually resisting all the viruses.

I've learned saying NO

I know this one isn't in a slightest related to food, healt or anything vegan but I'm sure a lot of us would find it helpful in day to day life. I konw I did.
I used to be very bad at saying no and sticking to my own decisions, very often being easily influenced by other people's opinions. When I stopped eating meat at first I had to start saying no during every family meeting. Somehow the fact that I didn't eat meat was acceptable by most and possible to understand. But then when I went fully vegan, there was nothing easy in it, especially with older family members. Saying no dozen times at one meeting really gave me some practice.
No I don't eat eggs neither.

No, fish neither, and yes it is a meat.

No, I really won't eat it because of that two tablespoonf of milk in it.

No, I won't even try.

No, I don't think it's rude not to try that.

No, thank you very  much.

No, I don't feel tempted to eat that cake.

No, I don't miss the taste of meat.

No ...

No... No... No...

Now it's so much easier for me to just say what I think and stand by it.

My points is going vegan or vegetarian can also bring you benefits not at all related to health. 


Most food cravings comes either from psychological reasons or your body is giving you clues that it's lacking something. You may be eating too little vitamins, minerals, fiber or simply not drinking enough water. 
Now that almost all my meals include some fruits or vegetables I rarely get cravings. This does not mean that I never eat anything unhealthy, but sometimes after 2-3 weeks I realize that I didn't eat anything sweet during that time. Eating fruit every day, their sweetness is enough for me now.

Our bodies get used to both good and bad behaviours.

 Sensitizing taste

Eating mainly unprocessed products, I got used to natural flavors. Despite the fact that for some it may seem strange to describe the natural taste, I feel it, and I know that I am not the only one :). By eating products close to their natural state, I am much more sensitive to the taste of artificial additives. As it used to bother me, now I would not be able to eat dishes in the style of a ready-made dish from the store.

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