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Start changing your relationship with food

I am going to help you get out of diet thinking, teach you to eat intuitively and finally enjoy food no guilt included  

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Psycho-dietetic consultation

Psycho-nutrition is an approach that combines both psychology and dietetics.

Thanks to this, you will look at your eating habits from a different angle. Not only by thinking about calories or macronutrients, but mainly why you eat the way you eat, what benefits you get from your current habits and how to change them.

This solution is for you if:

  • you have a fear of eating or of a particular type of food

  • you are afraid that you will gain weight

  • you have a problem with compulsive eating

  • you eat under the influence of emotions (during stress, sadness, boredom, overwhelm ...)

  • you have already tried many diets without much success

  • you struggle with an eating disorder or obesity

  • you want to improve your current unfavorable eating habits

During consultation

we analyze the current eating style, test results and medical history.

We discuss the history of eating styles, diets, eating patterns, we talk about the causes of current eating habits and how to change them into healthy ones.


The patient gets psychodietetic tools tailored to her individual needs.


Together with the patient, we develop an action plan and the most important goals to be introduced first.


Analysis of lab tests results and suggestion of new research.

Analysis of supplements and supplementation recommendations.

Prepare yourself

  • Food diary covering about 5-7 days (including weekends) with meal times

  • Current test results, if you have one

How we'll meet

→ Consultation lasts 60-90 minuts

We meet on the phone or facetime

After purchasing the consultation, I will contact you via e-mail to arrange the date and form of the consultation, or click "book now" button and choose a date for you. 

Psychonutrition consultation is for you if:

You have enough of constant dieting,
emotional eating and bad relationship with food?

Make an appointment for an individual psycho-dietary consultation
and start the process of change,
unlearning the old and re-learning a healthy relationship with food.

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