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For companies:


  • Conducting nutrition workshops

  • Cooperation with birthing schools

  • Conducting culinary workshops
    e.g. from vegan cooking for children

  • Composing the menu for a catering company

  • Product / brand promotion on the blog and in social media

Do you have an interesting offer for me or you want to create a project together?

Contact me at:


Options you can choose from, to work with my help on improving your health:

  • Consultation online                                         

  • Consultation with personalised meal plan     

  • Personalised meal plan
    after completing a survey                                

In every option you also get

-individually created nutritional recommendations tailored to your goals and health condition

-shopping list

To order personally created for you meal plan or a ready one go to the store.

If you want to set a date for a conultation contact me via e-mail.

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