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For whom:

-people who need specific guidance

-you want to be sure that what you eat is balanced and will provide you with all the necessary nutrients

-you need inspiration

-you need specific recipies 


What will you get:

Individually arranged menu tailored to your habits, taste preferences, health, lifestyle, purpose and culinary abilities of the patient.

Arranged so that you can cook for two days or so that each meal is different, depending on you

A shopping list that makes it easier to stick to the menu, but also not wasting food or faster shopping

a base of healthy meals that you can use multiple times and modify according to your preferences

Access to the menu in the mobile application and in pdf version


The menu is prepared after a dietary consultation or after filling out a form on health and eating habits, which you will receive by e-mail after purchasing the menu. You send the completed, detailed form back to me and you will receive a ready-made menu within 7 days.

Individually prepared meal plan for 14 days

220,00 złCena
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