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Carrot hearts, how to use juice pulp

Carrot hearts

I love making my own juices but always feel a bit guilty becauce of throwing all the pulp that's left. So this is one of my ways of using some of it.

It also acts as a way of making me feel less guilty and more eco friendly while having tasty snack waiting in a freezer.

By freezing it you can make bigger amount o them and don't worry they'll gonne go bad.


Cup of carrot-apple pulp

Cup of peanuts

Half a cup of raisins or dates

Pinch of cinnamon


Blend it in a foodprocessor.

Fill whatever molds you have.

Keep in a freezer and serve frozen. They'll defrost very quickly.

If you want to make it more kids friendly dip them in dark chocolate.

You can use it as a snack or dessert decoration.


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