Vegan Raffaello Filling

Original recipe that I based my on is way older than me. It's the recipie for home 'chocolate' made out of powdered milk. Now, it doesn't taste like store bought chocolate. It is better.

My Grandma used to do it, than my mum. It's like tasting childhood for me, but in a better, veganised

way. When I first bought powdered coconut milk I only had one recipe in my mind that uses powdered milk. The original one calls for margarine but I used coconut oil. Less prossesed and fits the coconut theme.

When I firt made it I forgot how sweet it was. I guess kids build up some pretty high sugar tolerance. So here I gave the original amount of sugar but you can take it down and still it will turn out really sweet.

The one I found. But any coconut powdered milk will work.


*60ml water

*0,45 szklanki cukru

*75g coconut oil

*150g coconut powdered milk