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Chocolate granola just like storebought

Chocolate granola

Firt time making it I added just 50g of chocolate, just because I didn't have more, so I topped it up with some nectar and it turned out to taste just like the one I always ate in junior high. One with loads of sugar and milkchocolate.

I remember going every week for french lesson and going through the store with this specific granola, that I'd buy whenever I stepped by. because it was loaded with sugar and milk I'd eat half of a package in a day. With this version it actually last at leat a week ( unless someone else gets to it)

Also bcause it doesn't have more chocolate or cacao you can actually feel the taste of rest of the ingredients. Instead of sugar you can feel other tastes.

Noutritional overview:

Cashews: In a handful of 50 g you get 50% of daily recommended magnesium intake, 40% of zinc intake and 30% of iron.

Oats: 50g serving contains 5g of fiber (25% of minimal recomended daily intake), 36% of selenium daily intake and low glycemic index (meaning healty) source of carbs.

Dates: are source of almost all B vitamins, big amount of fiber and amazing taste.

Chocolate: gives you not only better mood but also surprisingly big amounts of iron, magnesium, copper... and even 6g of protein in 100g


2 cups of oats

1,5 cup of puffed rice

1 cup of puffed millet

100 g cashews

50g of dark chocolate

150g of dates

tablespoon of agave nectar


Set the oven to 150 Celcjus.

Soak dates in water till they're soft and blend them up, with out the water they've been soaking in.

Dissolve chocolate. Break the bar into pieces and put it into a bowl. Put it on a pot with boiling water.

Wait few minutes stearing few times until all is soft. Mix it with date paste

To the bowl with chocolate and dates add rest of ingredients.

Mix them well together so that all dry inredients are covered in chocolate.

Put them on a baking pan lined with baking paper.

Bake 15-20 minutes, stiring every five minutes, so it is baked evenly.

After 5 minutes you can turn the tray around.

When it's ready take it out of the oven, don't mix and wait until cooled down.

Then put into a container.


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