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Sugar free ketchup

Homemade Sugar free ketchup

A while ago we got a jar of homemade ketchup. Sweet and spicy just like store bought ones but I could actually taste all of the natural flavours. So thinking homemade means no artificial flavours or preservatives I've put it on top of everything you could possibly pair ketchup with. That way after few days we needed a recipie. When I saw it I knew why I liked it so much. Apart from being homemade it had whole kilogram of sugar in it. From then I really wanted to make ketchup more healthy. Because it's the sweetness that differs ketchup from a tomato sauce I needed an alternative. And here come dates that always work well, super sweet but actually having nutritional value in them.


100 g of dates

one big tomato

2 sundried tomatoes from oil / 2 teaspoons of tomato concentrate

pinch of salt

black pepper

chilli powder


Soak dates until soft and blend them into smooth paste.

Add rest of the ingredients, blend again and you have tasty and healthy homemade ketchup.

Keep in the fridge for about 3 days.

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