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Intuitive eating

What does it mean to eat intuitively?

In essence: to eat in tune with your body's needs.

That consists of the cues your body gives you every day, it tells you how much food it needs, when it’s hungry and what kind of food is best for it in the moment.


It sounds very easy and it is really simple but first you have learn to listen to your body again. And that’s not that easy.

Throughout our lives parents, grandparents, environment teach us not to listen to our body but to someone else. Situations like your parents telling you to finish the plate even when you're full stops the ability to feel  needs and cues that our body gives us.

It takes a while to learn again to know what your body is telling you but without it there’s really no healthy eating.

Dziewczyna z różowym lizakiem

Hunger cues, nutrition and pleasure are equally important to eat intuitively


Hunger cues, nutrition and pleasure are equally important to eat intuitively


Although eating intuitively is the best method I applied in my life and always tell clients to implement it, you can’t really eat intuitively if you have absolutely zero nutrition knowledge.

Intuitive eating is not eating chocolate cereal for breakfast, chips for lunch than oreos and ice cream for dinner cause you feel like you want it. It may seem intuitive but that just shows you are so out of tune from what your body actually needs.

To eat intuitively means to eat what your body truly needs. That is energy but as equally important vitamins, minerals and fiber. 

When you know what kind of nutrients you need you can eat intuitively.  Than having ice cream as a snack, when you crave it and eating it with awareness that it is just a craving, after you've had nutritious breakfast, you can call intuitive eating.

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