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Pobierz darmowy poradnik
"Jak radzić sobie z jedzeniem emocjonalnym"


Free guide on 
"How to deal with emotional eating"

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  • Do you fear certain foods?

  • Do you panic on the though of gaining weight?

  • Are you struggling with compulsive eating?

  • You eat triggered by emotions?
    (stress, sadness, boredom, overwhelm...)

  • You experiance extreme hunger and have no idea where it comes from?

  • You tried loads of diets before with no result?

  • You are dealing with eating disorders?


If you answered YES to at least one of these questions you are going to benefit from the psycho-nutrion approach

To get you started I prepared a guide on how to deal with emotional eating

What you'll get inside


  • possible reasons for emotional and stress eating

  • ready made list of activities you can do instead of emotional eating

  • exercises that will help you understand why you emotionally eat

  • what should be the main trigger to eat 

  • what distracts you from reading hunger and fullness signals

  • you'll find why you emotionally eat

  • check list on what to do in a moment of stress that would be usually dealt with food

Psychonutrinion is for you if you want to:

  • Ditch strict diet rules

  • ​You have enough of being constantly on a diet

  • Want to learn to eat intuitively

  • Want to finally enjoy food

  • Are ready to stop diet cycling

  • Want to stop calorie counting

Get yourself a free copy of the guide on 
"How to deal with emotional eating"

guide emotional eating.jpg
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