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This bread is nothing I ever ate.

It tastes like bread but taste nothing like bread.

Has a form, texture and looks like normal bread but its taste is so much diffrent.

And in my oinion ( well, not only mine) so much better.

The secret is sourdough, oat flower and spices.

I ate garlic bread, but never tasted one with spices. And it's such a great way to increase the amount of them we eat, especially with their anti inflammatory properties.

By the rule that homemade is always better, this one is nothing like store bought.

And it's just amazing to take out of the oven, with your own hands, warm and crispy bread.

The reason I use oat flower is not only everything made out of it tastes better, but its way healthier than wheat flours.

Unfortunately its the gluten that makes all the cakes and bread so fluffy and make them grow easily, so oat flower needs some extra effort for it to work.

But when you learn how to make it its nothing harder than normal baking.

If you want to be safe, use half wheat flower half oat or spelt flower. Then with next beking you can lessen the amount of wheat flower. Just use the proportions I listed below.


For one loaf

*330 g oat flower ( if you need gluten free use certified)

*Table spoon of potato starch

*1,5 cups of sparkling water

*1 teaspoon of sugar

*1 flat teaspoon of salt

*2 tablespoons of herbs


*I used to have sourdough from my aunt, so if you can take it from a friend it would be easiest, but making your own sourdough isn't that hard. You just add tablespoon of flour and tablespoon of water, mix it and leave it for a day in a room temperature. Reapeat for the next 3-5 days until the doght will start to raise


Put flower, starch, sugar and salt in a bowl, and mix together.

Add sour dough and water. Mix well.

Now put 2 table spoons of dough into a jar, and set aside. It will make a sourdough for the next bread. Live it in a room temperature for a day, and than keep it in a fridge until you make another one. Best to leave it up to a week. During the firt two/free days add a tablespoon of flower and some water each day, for the sourdough to prove.

Add the spices. Put the dough into a mold for it to fill a bit more than a half of the mold.

Set aside for 12 hours in a room temperature for it to prove.

(If after 12-14 hours dough hasn't rasied at all you can add teaspoon of baking powder)

Bake for 1h in 180 degrees.

When ready put some water on the top crust. Otherwise it will get hard as a rock.

Keep in a kitchen towel.

Stays fresh at least for 3-4 days.


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