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Dinnerparty roasted pumpkin

Dinnerparty roasted pumpkin

Great idea for a main dish at a dinner party. My way to show off some veggie plate.

Roasted garlic, some basil and sweet chilli sauce wil make even conservative aunts like it.

One of the least effortles but still wow recipies.

Pair it with some white wine, hummus, crackers and grapes board and you have a dinnerparty ready.


One butternut squash

glass of cooked chickpeas

6 garlic cloves

fresh basil


chilli flakes

mustard seeds

sweet chilli sauce/ homemade katchup


Cut pumpkin in 4 pieces.

Put in preheated oven at 180 degrees

Bake pumpkin until it starts to "melt", you can see juice coming from it.

Grind together salt, chilli flakes and mustrd seeds.

Mix chickpeas with spices and add them together with garlic cloves to baking pumpkin for last 15 minutes- when pumpkin starts to look almost done.

When you take the dish out the oven add some fresh basil or mint and sweet chilli sauce.


Makes for 2 portions as a main dish

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