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Green juice for longer hair

Green juice for longer hair

I know that title sounds like I've gone crazy or at least mixed up my hair conditioner with water bottle, but don't go, it's not that crazy.

Few years ago I heard from a friend that she drinks nettle tea for hair, and it actually makes them grow faster. In a way that you're able to notice the difference by yourself.

At that time I was in a 'must have super long hair' phase so of course I tried it.

Turned out it really works. I saw a significant diffence after only a month of cup of tea a day.

I started to tell all my friends, so it;s not just my words.

Now the nettle tea, although tastes like a herb tea, but it's mild and I actually liked its flavour.

I always wanted to try to do something with fresh nettle but didn't have a garden, and picking it in a middle of a city, didn't seem like a good idea, because of all the pollutions.

This weenend being at a countryside we found a whole meadow of nettle in a park, so I couldn't pass the opportunity. The only bad thing is you can't actually touch it, so you just need some gloves or like I did it with scissors. I've sting myself anyway.

Unlike the tea, fresh juice made out of nettle tastes really sweet.


2 apples

handful of fresh nettles

few leaves of fresh mint

Juice it and enjoy!

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