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Green tea summer ice-cream

Green tea summer ice-cream

Even though it feels like minus 8 degrees outside, sun has been shining so strong lately that it started to feel like spring. That's why I decided to have some summer for breakfast and made this delicious, refreshing ice cream. Maybe it's not as warming as bowl of oatmeal it surely gives the taste of summer days.

Super easy to make, only few ingredients and makes every child's dream of having ice cream for breakfast come true.

1 big banana

2-3 kiwis

5-6 tablespoons of cold green tea

2 teaspoons of lime juice

optionally few fresh mint leaves

Cut fruits into small pieces and freeze. You can do it night ahead or just wait 2-3hours.

Put every thing into a blender and blend up.


You can optionally put it back into the freezer so it gets hard as store bought ice cream


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